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Safety first: always wear a helmet

Masterminds protect themselves with a helmet. Wearing a bike or motorcycle helmet reduces the risk of head injuries. That's why we offer professional advice and a wide range of helmets of all kinds.

Bike helmets


With a bike helmet by bern you can really make your mark. The all-rounders on the skateboard site are trendy, and you are safe on the move, whether on or off-road.

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These helmets are genuine all-rounders: Climate control for summer and ear pads for winter. With the perfectly crafted Casco helmets you're well protected in all temperatures.

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No wonder this bike manufacturer has many fans the world over. These helmets are ideal for bike riders who are safety and style-conscious.

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MET's headquarters are located in the heart of the Italian Alps. The company has always been synonymous with some of the finest values of this Alpine heritage.

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POC "Piece of Cake"

The Swedish company POC is built on a strong mission: to do everything they can to possibly save lives and to reduce consequences of accidents by developing and renewing what personal protection is all about.

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Since the company's foundation in 1926, Uvex stands for high quality and innovative products to protect people from head to toe in sports, leisure and work.

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Motorbike helmets

Helmo Milano

These helmets come from Milano and therefore come with an Italian feel. In terms of style and elegance, the helmets really do have a unique character.

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The Italian helmet company specializes in high-quality and attractive motorcycle helmets.

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